What to do in Palestine!!

//What to do in Palestine!!

What to do in Palestine!!

Visit Al Aqsa Mosque. As a Muslim, this was the top of our list. Visiting this iconic mosque was just something else. The beauty and peace of the place really moved me.
Take the cable car in Jericho. This cable car is located in Jericho and goes up Mount Temptation – where Jesus was said to be tempted by the devil. It is a stunningly breath-taking view.
Get lost in the old city of Nablus. A stunning old town with winding old streets and great food. Walk around, take a tour around the old city and just get lost in this beautiful old city modelled on Damascus. Make sure you eat some world famous Nablusi knefah!
Bethlehem and the Birthplace of Jesus. A visit to the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem cannot be missed. It is a very surreal place in a lovely town with some great falafel restaurants. One not to miss is Afteem restaurant right opposite the Church of Nativity which has been around for over 60 years.
Visit Ramallah the de facto “capital city” of Palestine. Visit the busiest city in the West Bank and watch, see and feel how people and the city just keep on going under occupation. There are some really swanky and nice cafes located over Ramallah and some great food. Make sure you try the Shekshuka and Chicken Sharawama sandwiches. These were the best I have ever tasted.


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