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Terms and Conditions

Alhamdullilah Tours and Travels is a Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarat Tour Organizers only and does not control or operate any Airline, Hotel, Transport, Laundry or any other facility or services mentioned in the brochure. We take care in selecting all the elements in the package. The tour operator only selects and inspects them and has no control in running them. The Tour operator shall not be responsible for any delay, improper services provided by any Airline, Transport, Hotel and any other provider of services for any Injury, Death, Loss or damage which is caused by the act or default of the management or employees of any other Hotelier, Airlines, or/and any act or actions of co-passenger which may result in not availing the services during the tour.

Alhamdullilah Tour and Travels accepts no responsibility for Luggage Losses, Injuries, Damages, Accidents, and Additional Expenses due to delay of Flights, Misconnection, Sickness, Bad Weather, Strike, War, Quarantine breakdown or transport breakdown or the closure of Airport due to War etc.

Alhamdullilah Tour and Travels shall not be held responsible either for any loss, delay, damage, fading of color, stain of any type or shrinking of clothes by the laundry services.

Alhamdullilah Tour and Travels appoints agents and representatives for the arrangements of hotels, transport, food etc in good faith and takes best possible care of all the pilgrims. However due to unavoidable circumstances, changes and alterations in the package have to be made regarding hotel, bus or staying period or change of flight. Alhamdullilah Tour and Travels reserves the right to make alterations which the pilgrim has to accept, and for which no refund shall be made nor any claim shall be entertained.

After entering into Saudi Arabia no pilgrim of Alhamdullilah Tours and Travels shall be allowed to give up his/her companionship with his/her group. He/she will have to act accordingly and if he/she decides to quit, he/she shall not be entitled to receive any amount whatsoever.

Room Service is not available.

If any country hinders or stops any pilgrim(s) or all pilgrims from entering into its boundaries/borders due to any past objectionable references of such a person(s) in that country’s record or due to a breakout of an epidemic in the originating country or any country from where the pilgrim has travelled or due to political Strike, War, , or the closure of Airport or any other reason or enforces any kind of restriction or ban and consequently the pilgrims cannot visit that country wholly or partly, AL Alhamdullilah Tours And Travels shall not be held responsible for such action by the Government authorities of that country and under such circumstances no refund shall be applicable. All will have to obey and abide by the laws of that country.

Free Baggage allowance shall be as per the rules of the Airlines and any extra charges for excess Baggage will have to be borne by the pilgrims.

No liability on the part of Alhamdullilah Tours and Travels arising in any way out of this contract in respect of any tour shall exceed the total amount paid or agreed to be paid for the tour, and shall in no case include any.

Satisfaction of the pilgrim is our prime consideration. Any claim or complaint by the client must be intimated to Alhamdullilah Tours AND Travels. In the very unlikely event of there being something not to your satisfaction on the pilgrimage that is directly in our control, should be reported immediately so that there is an opportunity to correct / rectify the same. The tour operator shall not accept liability in respect of claims which are not reported to us immediately.

Partly utilized services are also considered as fully utilized. In such circumstances no refund shall be applicable. For all claims, disputes of whatever nature relating to the tours marketed/coordinated by Alhamdullilah Tours and Travels, the courts in Mumbai shall alone have jurisdiction.

Room Allotment as per our arrangement, No Choice of room will be entertained.

Any umrah performer shown over stayer in the umrah system/webside but his agent/relative/guarantor claim his return to India.Concern Umrah Performer/Agent/guarantor must produce Original passport of Umrah performer within 4 days of intimation,failing which performer will taken as overstayer and penalty amount as per Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Agent per person or Minimum 25,000 Saudi Riyal will be charged from relative/agent of Umrah performer.

All passengers should 100% return back, if passengers overstay or escape in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia then the penalties levied by the Hajj Ministry Saudi Arabia will be charged to the parties accordingly and case will be files agaist him in Mumbai Court only.

All tours are subject to Flight and Hotel Availability.

In Case of Flight Delay or cancelled.Alhamdullilah tour and travels will not responsible for it and Return date of tour will not be change or no compensation will be given.

AS PER NEW RULES OF SAUDI ARABIA SAR 2,000 WILL BE CHARGED ON THOSE PILGRIMS Who are perfromed Umrah in same Hijri year earlier and want to do it again.AMOUNT WILL BE ADDED IN THE PACKAGE ACCORDINGLY.

Handicap passengers are requested to carry their own Wheelchair. Special requests (Pregnant or Handicapped) if any please inform us before departure without fail and confirm with confirmation receipt.

Any person using Foul language or Bad Words or trying to create nuisance and fight in the group will be immediately removed from the group and will be left on his own. No refund will be given to him whatsoever and in extreme cases he will be handed over to

Package cost does not include any Personal expeses.

As per new SAUDI TELECOM RULES Saudi Sims CANNOT be distributed free and Hajis have to purchase it themselves showing their passport and Visa copies

Departure and Arrival dates are flexible and can be changed – 1 or 2 days as per allotment given by Airlines.

Economy Package : Laundry & Zamzam are not provided.Hotels will be Standard hotels 900 Mtrs in Makkah and 500 Mtrs. In Madina, Sharing will be as per room availability can be 6/7/8 in a room also,Food will be provided in packets or Hajis come to Deluxe Hotels for their meals.

In case a pilgrim expires in Saudi Arabia his body will not be flown back to India under any circumstances. All his final rights will be done according to Saudi Rules and Regulations and he will be buried in the city in which he expired. No graveyard preferences will entertained at all.

In case a pilgrim fells severely ill or meet with accident and is hospitalized all the expenses incurred on him has to be paid by him or by his relatives in India has to pay it in our Head Office.

Alhamdullilah Tours and travels has the rights to accept or reject any application without any reason.

In case of change in airfare / taxes, pilgrim will pay the actual difference before departure and further airfare of the traveling date and available class will be applicable.

Procedural Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior notice, which depends upon Saudi & Indian rules & regulations.Once the visa is issued, stamped passport will not be given back unless package booked or visa expires & after approval of ticket Refund obtained from concerned Airline.

In any circumstances pilgrim will not be allowed to stay in the Kingdom with his own arrangements.

Alhamdullilah Tours and Travels will not be responsible for rejection or delay of Umrah visa.

Any penalty charges will be charged as per Airline’s policy for Ticket refund, change of Airline, change of dates, ticket cancellation and No-Show on confirmed seats.

Visa rejection or cancellation will be charged.Minimum Rs 4500.

All above packages and transportation are non-refundable for any reason.

Health & Insurance: It shall be the duty of the TP to inform the Company in case the Tour Participant has any medical condition that may affect his abililty to enjoy & pursue fully the Tour arrangements.

The Company reserves the right, where appropriate, to ask the Pilgrim to provide written Certification of his medical fitness before his departure . It is advisable that the Pilgrim to acquire adequate Insurance cover to secure their life, health and property. It may be noted that the Tour cost does not include the Insurance Premium and that the Tour Participants shall have to acquire the same at their cost.

Service which is not mention in inclusion section of selected package will be consider not included in package.